Never want for a time killer again with 250 Solitaire Collection app for Android

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Solitaire card game variants are many in this world and that perhaps is a commentary on how much people need to kill time before doing one thing or another. Although there are many different solitaire games available, 250 Solitaire Collection Android app combines a lot of them together does have many inherent advantages to its design.

Lots of different Solitaire games

The ability for you to freely move back and forth between the different solitaire types is really what makes 250 Solitaire Collection app for Android so good. If you get bored with one type of solitaire, you can move towards another and another. There are enough games contained within the collection that you should never get bored of the entire thing and since each solitaire game can be played with a deck of cards it is very easy for you to learn the rules to these games and then replicate them should you ever find yourself in a situation with a deck of cards but without your Android handheld device.

Each variant is done very well

There are 253 different solitaire variants in this Android app. Popular variants like FreeCell, Klondike and Canfield are included in this collection but also games that you likely have never heard of before like Duke and American Toad are very easy to spot within the ranks of the 253 games that this Android app has.

You don’t have to worry about picking up a game you know nothing about however because this Android app will give you all of the rules you need to know to be able to effectively play each solitaire variant right from start to finish. You can go ahead and read not only the rules of each different variant, but you can actually see graphical representations of a game demonstration just in case you learn better that way. Once you have the rules under wraps, you can go ahead and start adding that version of solitaire to the list of card games that you play to kill time.

Final Score

At the end of the day, 250 Solitaire Collection app for Android is a dependable app that gives you a lot to do without being overly flashy. It is an example of a highly functional Android app that is efficient on resources, but will not wow visually. Our final score for 250 Solitaire Collection Android app is 9 out of 10.

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