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The iPhone is an interesting app that presents many new opportunities for developers to go ahead and change the way they do certain things. In the area of children’s literature, 360mind has certainly done that through their creation of Shadows Never Sleep, an amazing e-book for the iPhone.

A story but so much more

The basic premise of Shadows Never Sleep iPhone app is that of a children’s story. Your child will be able to read this app and follow the journey of a shadow as it goes through many different parts of an adventure taking place at night. When you are asleep your shadow is still awake and that is where the overall title and theme for this book comes from.

However, Shadows Never Sleep app for iPhone is much more than a mere e-book, a fact that is shown by how amazing it is for your child to navigate through the body of work contained within the app. Your child can start from the standard index screen and then zoom into the different pages by taking a look at them and using their fingers on the Multitouch interface. In fact, when you take a closer look at Shadows Never Sleep for the iPhone, you will see that it is a children’s book wrapped in a package that is very modern and in keeping with what the iPhone can do.

Original thinking is worth an accolade

The original thinking that has gone into the presentation of Shadows Never Sleep iPhone app is definitely noteworthy. The author of Shadows Never Sleep app has not only written a great adventure for children to read, but they have also gone ahead and created a package for it that will allow children to use the full abilities of their iPhone to enjoy it. This is a great example of apps taking advantage of their platform’s strengths and that is why this app is so much more than simply a book for a child to read.

Final Score

Packaging sometimes makes a difference. If your child were to read this story in book form from cover to cover, it would be just like any other children’s book. However, this book written by Aya Karpinska becomes so much more than that because of the iPhone fun that can be had along with the good reading times. That is why we have given Shadows Never Sleep iPhone app a final score of 10 out of 10.

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