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Wikipedia is of course one of the great ultramodern references in today’s world. The Android browser will definitely allow you to access Wikipedia in all its glory, but this app can improve on the browser’s approach.

Lower data transfer

We’re all trying to figure out ways to save on the data transfer rate that we use with our smart phones and WikiMobile Encyclopedia app for Android is definitely one way in which that can be done. The viewing of the articles on WikiMobile Encyclopedia Android mobile app is done in a way that is partially local and that in turn allows for a huge decrease in data transfer rate versus what you would get from the browser on your device. If you access Wikipedia regularly from your Android, you’ll quickly discover the real savings that can be had from using an app like this for the task instead of your generic browser.

No lowering in choice

Although WikiMobile Encyclopedia Android app does not carry the full complement of articles that you will find at Wikipedia, you can get more than 2 million of those articles on this Android app. In fact, you can get way more than that and you can get them with both text and pictures included. You’d have to get extremely obscure before you were able to find an article on Wikipedia also not covered on here which means that for everyone except the top 0.1% of avid Wikipedia readers you will be able to use WikiMobile Encyclopedia for the Android for all of your browsing needs. Even for that top 0.1% you can use this app for the other 99.9% of lookups and therefore still be able to save money in the long run with this free Android app.

Final Score

There is definitely some attraction involved in being a walking encyclopedia not only for you but also for all of your friends and family. WikiMobile Encyclopedia Android app will easily allow you to fulfill that role in the overwhelmingly vast majority of situations. It wasn’t voted the best reference app by the Android Network Awards for no reason. It is amazing that this type of app exists already and it is even more amazing that it is completely free. We appreciate the work WikiMobile Encyclopedia app for Android has done in reducing your monthly data transfer while keeping your browsing experience intact. That is why we have given it a final score of 8 out of 10.

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