Go back to the glory days with Bubble Buster App for Android

| February 26, 2011

People that are old enough to remember the pre-Nintendo days of gaming will definitely appreciate this gem for the Android and even people that were not privy to those days will likely still be impressed by everything Bubble Buster Android app will bring to their gaming time.

Bust the bubbles

As the name of the game implies, your main goal in Bubble Buster app for Android is to bust through all of the bubbles. Think of this game as being like Tetris with circles instead of squares involved and you’ll do just fine when all is said and done.

The bubbles in Android Bubble Buster game app come in different colours with the same size. To eliminate bubbles from the playing surface, you need to impact a bubble against a group of bubbles with the same colour. As long as the collision results in a cluster of bubbles at least three adjacent with the same colours you will be able to eliminate that entire cluster from consideration. At the start of some levels there will be huge clusters of bubbles involved already so if you can accurately shoot one with the right colour you can eliminate most of the level quickly and before any harm is done.

You need to be careful when you are playing the game though because every bubble shot that does not result in a clearance is taking you just one more step closer to eventually crashing and burning in this game when the bubbles overflow. You certainly don’t want that to happen, so be accurate and think ahead based on the colour of the ball you currently have as well as the colour of the next one indicated in the bottom right window. Levels continue to get harder in this respect as you advance and that can make things even harder.

Final Score

Bubble Buster app for Android is a game that would likely be somewhere in the upper average section if it were aimed specifically at the younger generation of today. It is a game that is in the great above average section because of the fact that there are many people that played similar games in the arcade that will absolutely love how well this homage is done. As a result of that and the fact that this is simply a great app, we have given Bubble Buster Android app a final score of 9 out of 10.

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