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| February 26, 2011

Thomas Paine is definitely one of the giants of political thought within the United States, a fact that is easily evident by the influence that his ideas have in today’s American society. People say things without realizing that they came from Thomas Paine, but this man certainly has earned everything he has received in terms of historical accolades. From the ability to foresee the American Revolution right through to the fact that his book sold 120,000 copies in a time when such a number was a really big deal, there is no doubt that this book is a classic of American literature that every citizen should read and understand.

Intuitive Reading

In addition to being a great book, Common Sense by Thomas Paine iPhone app has the added benefit of using the iFlow Reader that was created by BeamItDown Software. This reader has debuted many times in reviews all across the internet and while people tend to warm up to it at a relatively slow pace because of how different it is from the norm, most people once having gotten the hang of it really appreciate what it can do for the improvement of their app reading experience.

Teleprompter Action

The thing that makes Common Sense by Thomas Paine iPhone app such a good application is the fact that it functions almost like a teleprompter. This means that the large text will scroll on the screen as you read the book. The full text of the book will be available to you and you can scroll through it easily without having to do anything but hold the app in your hand.

The speed of the scroll is variable and it uses the internal mechanisms of your iPhone that track movement. Therefore, if you hold the iPhone at a certain angle, the scrolling will speed up. Hold it at angles going in the reverse direction and the scrolling will slow down. There are no buttons to press to change pages and interrupt concentration. There are no small text blocks to read and hurt your eyes with. There is simply a large font size and intuitive non-touch scrolling interface that allows you to hold onto the iPhone and read at your preferred speed.

Final Score

Common Sense by Thomas Paine iPhone app is a very important book done justice by a fantastic reading mechanism. That is good enough for a final score of 10 out of 10 from us.

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