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Bloons is a game that started online in a Flash environment and became so popular that within short order it was being created for all kinds of different platforms. Well, now a version of this game is available for the iPhone and that has certainly made many different people very happy campers as a result.

Pop the balloons to advance

The Bloons iPhone game app sees you as the player take control of a monkey character. Then, as the person controlling this character, your goal is to pop as many different balloons as you possibly can. You need to actually pop a target number of balloons in order to get to the next level, otherwise you will lose the game and be relegated back to the start of the level you are currently on. With more than 150 different levels for you to go through in this game, even the best Bloons player will be able to derive much enjoyment from this game as they are progressing up through the different levels.

Use different items to pop the balloons

One of the big fun parts of iPhone Bloons game app is that there are many different items available to you if you’d like to pop the balloons. These items include not only the regular darts that form the bulk of your arsenal, but also different things like ice balloons and bomb balloons that you can puncture to cause collateral damage to the other ones that are in the air. Eventually you’ll get the hang of causing area effect damage and taking out multiple balloons with your darts because in the normal game you are going to need to be able to do that to pass the higher levels. If that seems a bit too much for you however, you can simply head over to the preferences and change the game to the unlimited darts mode.

Final Score

Bloons app for iPhone has far and away been one of the most phenomenally popular games in the modern era of online Flash gaming. Now that this game is available for the iPhone, many people have already started to download and enjoy it and you can easily be just the latest one in that particular line. It is a spectacular game in its iPhone variant and that is why we have given Bloons iPhone game application a final score of 10 out of 10.

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