Orbit Social Phonebook iPhone App Review

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Now you don’t have to switch into different social networking applications to contact your friends or family. Orbit Social Phonebook is an innovative iPhone app that brings new ways of social networking. The app lets you to streamline your contacts and social networks via a single advanced interface.

Simply Organize Your Communication Channels

iPhone Orbit Social Phonebook app combines most commonly used communication channels into a single platform. The app helps you to interact with your different types of contacts instantly while on-the-go. Orbit Social Phonebook app connects different communication medias such as text, voice, email and social networking channels into one central interface. The app is designed with fast and intuitive interface and ensures quick setup process.

Orbit Social Phonebook app for iPhone is a one-stop solution for all your social communication needs. The app perfectly organizes your Facebook and Twitter communications as wells as email and SMS under a single hub. When you open the app for the first time, you need to create an account and you will get the option to link your social communication profiles. Then you need to enter the credentials of social networking profiles. After linking the profiles, you have to choose your Inner Orbit contacts. This option helps you to choose your close contacts such as colleagues, friends or family members whom you want to contact constantly. You can organize different type of contacts into orbits to make it easy to manage.

Another major feature available is Social Volumes. This facility helps you to control communication from your contact groups. You can adjust the frequency of communication received from individual contacts or specific orbits. Here you can set up the updates to come on a certain time of a day/week or type. The app create favorite list based on the frequency of communication. The contacts you interact most often will be automatically identified as favorites. The Me option allows you to manage your own details, connections, preferences and so on.


By integrating today’s most popular communication mediums in one place, Orbit Social Phonebook app makes it easier to manage your contacts simply via your iPhone. The app also provides all the basic phonebook functionality as you can make calls, send text messages as well as emails. You can get real-time status updates from your contacts, send Facebook notes, read twitter postings and more. Orbit Social Phonebook is a free iPhone app and you download this mobile application from AppStore.

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