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Task lists are things that people all over the world use because they are a great way to get on board with what you need to do for the day or the week or the month or in some cases even the year. People make task lists at the start of the year for what they would like to accomplish by the end of the year and of course many people make task lists on a daily basis. If you are one of these people, you could definitely enjoy TapDo app for iPhone.

Create and edit tasks quickly and efficiently

The main attraction that TapDo iPhone app has is its speed in the overall sense of what it does. It has a specific mode known as the Quick Entry mode and if you use this mode to create new tasks you can actually get away with creating the tasks with less than seven taps on the screen. That allows you to create the task in less than 30 seconds most times and that of course can save you a lot of time at the start of the day.

Do you have a problem with the way the Quick Entry mode works? The good news is that iPhone TapDo app even includes a method by which you can actually change how the Quick Entry mode actually works. You can therefore change it to what works best for you and then carry through on that when you use Quick Entry to create your tasks.

Easy navigation through the software

Since most task list software packages really only have functionality built in to allow you to build tasks and then stick them together into lists, it really is about the effectiveness of the interface when it comes to grading these software packages. For its own part, the software interface that comes with the TapDo app for iPhone is highly intuitive, allowing you to sort through all of the different tasks with filtering and quick uncluttered menus. If you hate clutter, this is the best mobile application for you.

Final Score

Although it does not have much in the way of features, the TapDo iPhone app definitely has a lot when it comes to excellence. You can create and edit tasks quickly and effectively with this app and it performs this basic task just as good as any other app out there. Our final score for TapDo app for iPhone is 8 out of 10.

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