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Everyone is busier these days, and many tend to carry work in their pockets wherever the go. In such a scenario, an efficient project management system will certainly come handy, especially one that you could use in your iPhone anytime as you wish. HiTask iPhone app is a project management application that does not require a subscription, but still got enough bells and whistles to assist your hectic corporate lifestyle day-in and day-out.

Features of iPhone HiTask App

The basic scenario of its working is simple and straightforward. You create an account online, and you can access the same either through the browser or from your HiTask app for iPhone. Every task that you can perform online can also be achieved through the app, and all changes will be immediately reflected, provided you’ve got your iPhone connected to the web.

Feature wise, iPhone HiTask mobile application got all the standard operations you will expect from an advanced to-do list system. Setting up projects is a cake walk. You could file your specific tasks under any of the many overarching banners. A Team can also be applied, wherein specific tasks are assigned to specific people, and you could keep track of all the projects (as well as the employees) so assigned with ease. Further, there is a useful note feature that lets you scribble down important thoughts, opinions, or messages for quick reference. It beats out iPhone’s similar application in that it lets you file notes under specific headings, plus it gets synchronized with your account automatically.

HiTask app is designed to work in iPhone as well as iPod Touch.


HiTask is one of the best project management software designed for Apple iPhone smartphones. It is easy to use, robust, feature rich, and above all, comes without a license fee. For the average executive or manager, who wishes to keep tab of their projects management flow while on the move, both online and offline, this should suffice for most parts. We also recommend you to try this app out before spending any money for licensed software. HiTask iPhone application could be downloaded from http://hitask.com/ for free.

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