Golf Putt Perfect for iPhone Review

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If you’re one who believes technology could improve your game of golf, check this app out: Golf Putt Perfect for iPhone. It claims to enhance your putting game in a minute by helping you keep your eyes on the ball. You can download Golf Putt Perfect for iPhone for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


Golf Putt Perfect for iPhone will help you “putt” your golf ball on your intended line. Experts say for the perfect putt, the golfer’s eyes should be on the ball. According to Jack Nicklaus, “Your eyes should be over the ball. The most important part of ‘over the ball’ is what I call ‘down the line, over the ball.’ It may be a little behind the ball which is the way I putt so that I can see the line. Or, what is probably preferable, and a way I wish I could’ve putt, is my eyes directly over the ball.” Golf Putt Perfect uses the latest in iSight technology from Apple to align your eyes directly over the golf ball.

Golf Putt Perfect App for iPhone

Here is how to use Golf Putt Perfect for iPhone. Simply place your iPhone on the ground and align your putter head to the side of the iPhone. Look down at your iPhone as if it is your golf ball and the iPhone will adjust your position until your eyes are directly over the ball. As simple as that! It will take about a minute to align your eyes using Golf Putt Perfect for iPhone. You can use it every time before you play. The app also comes handy to practice your eye position at home or office. Golf Putt Perfect for iPhone is stable and responsive for most parts. It is compatible with iOS versions 5.1 or later.

Final Thoughts

Golf Putt Perfect for iPhone is a useful tool to have if you are a casual or dedicated golfer. It helps you improve your putt in under a minute. It is pretty accurate so that you can learn the trick sans any flaw. Since you’re simulating the putting scenario in your iPhone, you can use the app to practice eye position even when you are at home or office. Easy to use controls make the job a child’s play. The app is stable and responsive. Check this one out if you’re putting game is not yet perfect.

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