Safe Diary App for iPhone Review

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Safe Diary for iPhone let you keep a diary/journal about your experiences, thoughts, using photos from camera or web, and all secured using encrypted password. You can get Safe Diary iPhone app for $4.99 from iTunes.


What separates Safe Diary – Personal Secured Diary and Journal app for iPhone from other password-secured apps is its design. It smartly wraps text, let you insert images, and a 3D page turn effect that makes it a pleasant read through your entries. You can either simply read through the entries as you does in your physical diary or use the calendar view to find diary entries from the past with ease. The read view enables to search and filter through your entries and tap to read or edit in a full view. You can also pull photos from your camera view or the web. Safe Diary app also provides multitude of backing up options including email (.zip), iTunes or iCloud. You can crop the images before inserting into your diary, in case they’re too big to fit in. Further, images can be rotated, resized and dragged into position. Further, unlike similar apps, Safe Diary for iPhone has more room to pen your entries and edit the images, making the experience more pleasant and efficient.

Safe Diary App for iPhone

The UI of Safe Diary for iPhone is well designed. It is easy on the eye and quite a non-brainer to navigate. The entries look beautiful and polished. The white/orange color theme stands out. But some users have complained about the sync feature. But it could be a one-off glitch that the developers of Safe Diary for iPhone might address in the coming versions of the app. Save that, the app performs reasonably well with no lag whatsoever. It is also pretty responsive. Safe Diary application is compatible with iOS versions 5.0 or later.

Final Thoughts

Safe Diary app for iPhone not only provides an awesome tool to create polished and beautiful journal entries that are also password secured. The app uses digital encryption to safeguard your private work. The app is well designed and easy to use. Compared with similar apps, Safe Diary has more space to pen your entries and edit the images, making the experience more pleasant and efficient. The 3D page turn effect stands out while sharing options comes handy. The calendar view help you find your entries based on a chosen date. Overall, a password secured journal app worth checking out if you’re one who likes journaling.

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