Virtua Tennis Challenge App for Android Review

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Virtua Tennis Challenge app is one of the best enthralling sport games available on the Android platform. Developed by SEGA of America, the game has already fetched 4.3 out of 5 ratings and more than fifty thousand recommendations. Tennis is a glamorous and refined sport, and Virtua Tennis Challenge game application sets up a platform to experience all the actions on the Android gadget. The game costs $4.99 and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.


Virtua Tennis Challenge for Android provides a stunning graphics and impeccable user interface. The objective of the game is to handle control gestures in a flawless way. The controls are irrefutably cunning, giving you a chance to outline your services and cuts onto the court itself, however they might be enormously ineffective and are regularly the underlying driver of missed shots. The game comprises a world tour, singles and doubles exhibitions and a bonus mode where the difficulty dynamically seesaws every time you win or lose a point. Besides this, the game supports multiplayer game play and let you play with your friend over Bluetooth.

Virtua Tennis Challenge App for Android

Virtua Tennis Challenge Android app lets a user compete with more than 50 players on 18 stadiums and different ambience such as clay, grass etc. Hence, a player need to adjust his/her shot timing based on the ground characteristics. The game brings single and double challenges to play and let a player experience the heat during the game play. The game has included two new modes as training mode and quick match mode. The game is now MOGA Enhanced which is as of now available only at major US retailers. Virtua Tennis Challenge lets you enjoy hours of game play once you start playing. The game responds well and performs superbly if it’s played on a remarkable touch enables gadget.


Virtua Tennis Challenge for Android is an adrenaline pumping game for one who likes to experience a real tennis on a Smartphone. The game requires Android version 2.3 or higher. Grab a copy of Virtua Tennis Challenge from Google Play Store to experience slice shots, lobs, spins and many more on the screen of your Android gadget.

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