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You can find tons of productivity apps in iTunes App Store. While some of those are commendable, there are others that actually reduce your productivity owing to poor functionality and not so impressive design. If you’re still looking for that perfect productivity app, try this one out: LifeTopix for iPhone. It is a complete calendar and planner app that help you organize your work and life in general. You can get LifeTopix All-in-One Organizer for Work and Life app for iPhone for $4.99.


As soon as you open the app, you can see in a glance what is planned for the next seven days. LifeTopix app for iPhone has one of the best interfaces in its league. Of course, it is a bit cluttered at the left edge. But it is easy to navigate and manipulate. Of special note is ‘My Topics’ section that can be accessed by clicking on the third icon on the left hand navigation bar. From ‘My Topics’, you can pick any of the twelve pre-established categories for your events/to-do items. This let you organize your personal and professional events sans scratching the brain. While using LifeTopix app in your iPhone, it might look a bit cramped. This is due to the limited screen real estate of iPhone. Said cramped feeling disappears in an iPad for obvious reasons.

LifeTopix for iPhone

Apart from organizing things, LifeTopix for iPhone also offers some excellent shopping features. The new version of the app also has enhanced Dropbox and Evernote functionality. Performance wise, LifeTopix app is pretty robust and stable. There aren’t any annoying lags either. Features such as advanced customer relationship management and advanced inbox features such as the ability to harvest messages from Email, Twitter, Facebook and Web as well as make custom rules for email and social media feeds are only available as in-app purchases.


LifeTopix app in your iPhone has no major disadvantages. If it had any earlier, it has made great strides in the past year, making it one of the best in its league. It is also a universal app so that you can sync with iCloud and use it across various iOS devices. The security is impressive so is the search feature and available backup options. Integration with popular apps such as Dropbox, Evernote, and GDrive comes handy. The app is also stable and responsive. If you’re tired of skipping between multiple apps to manage your to-do lists, try this one.

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