GRo – Small Group Organizer iPhone App Review

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GRo – Small Group Organizer for iPhone is an iOS platform application that enables users to keep track of all of their lesson plans, notes, and groups in one convenient location. Small group differentiated teaching, lesson plans, student anecdotal notes, and assessment data are all easier to organise, plan, and track using GRo. Small groups/differentiated education is a very successful teaching approach that helps instructors and students alike. GRo was designed by educators for educators to help you save time by making guided reading and other differentiated education easier and more efficient. We can rapidly construct clear and efficient lesson plans by using a general or guided reading template. The users can also create varied small groups to provide individualized education to each student.

Plan your learning

In order to monitor, organize, and analyze their anecdotal notes and statistics, create a profile for each of the pupils. For customized education and organizing, we can create flexible student groups thereby we can also plan group meetings and lesson plans for all of the students’ classes. Create and implement lessons for your student groups and courses using a generic or guided reading lesson plan template. Track and analyze assessment results for the entire class as well as individual students. Each exam is graded on a number of different scales, including numeric, alphabetic, and reading level type. With graphed outcomes, we can see how students are progressing.

GRo Small Group Organizer iPhone App

Classroom friendly application

Groups in the app can be named, colored, and have pictures that are unique to them. As needed, provide updates to groups and students. We can record things like kids reading their fluency passages using the audio notes function. Play it back for the kids to hear themselves and to discuss areas where they may improve. It is also a fantastic way for parents to hear how their child reads in class and how far they have progressed during the school year. It also supports Reading Leveling Systems such as Fountas & Pinnell, Reading Recovery, DRA, Lexile, UK National Curriculum etc. Overall, it is a fantastic tool for keeping track of class planning and evaluations. It saves a lot of time and reduces the amount of work that has to be done. It is also quite easy to be able to produce reports and submit lesson plans. The app is priced $9.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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