Speech Trainer 3-D iPhone App Review

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Speech Trainer 3-D for iPhone is a one-of-a-kind iOS platform application designed to assist people with speech-sound problems and English language learners. Both consonants and vowel sounds are represented by an animated video model in Speech Trainer 3-D. Speech Trainer 3-D delivers 32 English language sounds in both a side and front view: 23 consonants and 8 vowels. Speech Trainer 3-D, created by a trained speech-language pathologist, is ideal for people who have trouble producing sounds, as well as SLPs, special educators, and parents. Speech Trainer 3-D was designed to be used as a treatment tool to help people produce target sounds accurately.

A great aiding app

Speech Trainer includes an animated video of the speech sound as well as a step-by-step description of the actions required for each sound. Many people find video modelling and video prompting helpful when learning new skills. Speech Trainer 3-D employs the camera feature integrated into the iPad 2 and above to allow the student to view a side-by-side image of the model and his or her own face generating the sound in addition to the animated video model. Individual or group practice is possible with Speech Trainer 3-D. The user may select whether to focus on consonants or vowels once the program has been loaded. The app will launch with a phoneme bar at the top of the page and a side-view of a model of the speech mechanism after a phoneme type has been selected. To access all of the consonant sounds, the user may simply slide the selection bar sideways. A play arrow is touched when the phoneme is selected, and the video model moves while the sound is created. A double fast-forward arrow is used to hear the methodical breakdown of motions.

Speech Trainer 3D iPhone App Review

Customizable and user friendly

When the iPad is turned to landscape mode, the camera on the device gets enabled. The user’s image will appear alongside the avatar in the camera at that moment. The program opens in a side-view by default, but a frontal view is also accessible. The user may choose which sound in the English language to target using Speech Trainer 3-D. With the touch of a button, you may effortlessly choose between various sounds. Speech Trainer 3D shows the sounds from two perspectives: front and side. The International Phonetics Alphabet is used by Speech Trainer because it is the most accurate way to represent each sound. There are 30 sounds represented in Speech Trainer that is 23 consonants and 7 vowels. The app costs $7.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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