Gus Learns Japanese for Kids Android App Review

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Gus Learns for Android helps you learn the Japanese language with so much ease. Learning the Japanese language is so much fun with Gus Learns. Gus is a friendly owl that travels around the world. You get to explore different languages from different corners of the world. It is completely child friendly with fun activities and cute animations. Kids get to learn the basic vocabulary with auditory and visual lessons that relates to shapes, colors, numbers and more. The lessons are interactive and multi-sensory that takes the kids through a fun journey into a new language using smartphone or tablet.

Learn New Languages With Your Friendly Owl

Gus Learns for Android is a simple and intuitive app that help children easily learn the Japanese language in the comforts of your home. It is an interactive and multisensory learning app that will teach you new words through interactive lessons. There are over 90 new Japanese words and 10 educational and fun activities through which you can learn these words easily. The lessons are narrated by a native Japanese speaker. Each lesson will have a vocabulary review that will help reinforce the concepts learnt in the lesson. It has excellent graphics that include fun animations, and sound effects. The app is very easy to navigate. It has city and country maps. The child can earn achievements through exciting games. These can be unlocked by completing each lesson reviews. There are trophy rooms to keep track of all the achievement.

Gus Learns Japanese for Kids Android App Review


Gus Learns is a kid friendly app that does not have any tracking, linking or sharing features. The learning takes place gradually with useful vocabulary starting from animals, birds, food and clothes. The app maintains the privacy of each student and there is no identifying or personal information sent to others. Reinforcement through exciting games ensures that each child learn the language very well. The app has made learning a second language very easy. The app costs $3.35 to download and use.

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