MobileSheetsPro Music Viewer Android App Review

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MobileSheetsPro Music Viewer for Android provides one of the best music sheet viewing capability. You do not have to carry around bound books of music sheets wherever you go. Searching a particular music notes from the list of pages will be cumbersome. The app makes it easy to access music scores from the library. You can view music sheets in seconds without any hassles. It is an app for musicians and works well on tablets. It is the greatest thing for a musician to have all music scores a tap away.

Learn Music With An Organized Music Sheet Viewer

MobileSheetsPro Android App is a simple and a brilliant sheet music viewer app that has a number of useful features. It offers multiple views and interactions like half page turns, two-page views and vertical scroll pages. You also have hands free turns via USB devices and Bluetooth. Some of the powerful features include annotation marking, basic shapes, freeform drawing, stamps and text. The audio player can play the score and supports multiple sizes and ab looping. You can customize page orders that makes it easy to remove unnecessary pages, change the sequence and also repeat pages. It offers metronome with sound effects and multiple modes of display. You can bookmark for easy access of scores. It offers automatic and manual cropping eliminate completely unnecessary margins. It has powerful library features with a huge list of metadata fields. You can easily jump pages and link points for repeated playback. The companion app that comes with it can be installed on your PC for easy creation and editing.

MobileSheetsPro Music Viewer Android App Review


MobileSheetsPro is pretty useful for musicians of all kinds. It simply gets better and better with each update. The features matches the exact requirements of a musician so they can use it with ease. It is designed to be compatible with 7” and larger screen size. The app can only display sheet music files and play the audio. The app does not play back images, text, pdfs or chord pro files. The app costs $12.99 to download from Google Play Store.

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