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Here is an app that takes out the element of randomness out of your photography. It is a camera app for deliberate and thoughtful photography. It comes with all the tools to let you take a photo rather than a quick snapshot. You can download the app for $4.99 from iTunes App Store.

What is it about?

Halide for iPhone provides you all the controls you need to make your iPhone photography deliberate, thoughtful, and meaningful. You can use gestures in Halide’s to change exposure and manual focus. You can also view a histogram, to readily see what sort of curves you can expect from your photograph. In the app, you will also find professional tools that include focus peaking, adaptive level grid, and RAW support. Halide app for iPhone comes with a comprehensive suite of controls for your camera. You can choose to shoot in RAW or JPEG, and can adjust the ISO of your shot, not to mention the options for adjusting the white balance, exposure, and focus. The focus peaking tells you exactly the areas of sharpest contrast in the framed image before you take your photograph. Further, the app not only provides the prerequisite overlay grid, but it also provides a level. Said feature let you find out how straight or skewed your camera is before you take the shot. That way, you can adjust the grip and positioning before you click the photograph. The bottom-line, you photos will be perfectly oriented.

Further, if you’re not happy with the positioning of the controls in Quick Bar, you can adjust them according to your preference. But you can’t move the buttons from top to bottom. You can also have a quick review of your last taken photos. Performance wise, the app is largely stable. Halide app requires iOS versions 10.0 or higher.


Halide for iPhone provides all the features you need to click the perfect photo, without any cruft you don’t want. It comes with full manual controls, including exposure, ISO, and white balance. Grid overlay helps you to click the perfect shot, while a live histogram is available on iPhone 6S and later for perfect exposure. It also supports both RAW and JPEG output. The ability to control focus and exposure through gestures is a nice touch. Overall, a photo app that gives you total control over your shots.

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