Newton Gravity Puzzle iPhone App Review

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Newton and gravity are synonymous. Newton – Gravity Puzzle for iPhone is the game where you can control gravity. In the game, you got to solve the puzzles and take the ball to the destination against different obstacles. Different mechanics makes each level unique and challenging. Newton – Gravity Puzzle game may be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

The Puzzle

Puzzle and action genre seldom go together. When it happens, the result is a game like Newton – Gravity Puzzle for iPhone. Creative mechanics and compelling levels push you to think and have fun at the same time. Different mechanics will make each level unique. It tests your analysing ability and reflexes to the limit. Each level presents its own treacherous pitfalls, and you can only surmount them with skill and practice. So don’t get disappointed if you fail them few times in the beginning. Your goal in the game is to get your ball from beginning to end. But you got to be careful as you’re also controlling the gravity. The spikes could burst your sphere into tiny shreds. The game comes with 60 challenging levels, in eleven languages. The flat design and smooth visuals provide for an exhilarating game experience. However, the black theme looks rather dull. Building a strategy takes a bit of brain scratching. The game also provides Game Center connect, if you like some competition.

Since you pay for Newton – Gravity Puzzle for iPhone, it is important that it gives you enough entertainment worthy of its price tag. Multiple levels and varying game dynamics in each level give Newton – Gravity Puzzle for iPhone lots of replay value. New levels are frequently added and hence you won’t run out of choices ever. Performance wise, the app is slick and responsive. It requires iOS versions 7.0 or higher.


Newton – Gravity Puzzle for iPhone combines the challenge of puzzles and the thrill of action to create a unique gaming experience. It has a fresh concept, multiple levels with varying game mechanics and smooth visuals to keep you entertained. It also comes with support for different languages, in case you’re from a non-English speaking region. The UI design is user friendly. Game center integration comes handy. We found the app to be pretty stable as well. Check it out if you’re a fan of puzzles with a fresh concept.

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