Hambo App for Android Review

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Hambo app for Android is a casual action game wherein you play Hambo, the Rambo pig, who must save his friend Bacon from the enemy’s evil clutches. You attempt to vanquish your enemies over 5 mission packs, and fight your way to Bacon in more than 200 reactive physics puzzles. The game comes in an ad-supported free version, whereas for $1.06, you’ll have all the levels unlocked and totally ad-free.

How Hambo Android App is played?

The game rule is simple: shoot down every enemy that comes in your way to save Bacon. If you don’t, you’ll get killed. Hambo uses a semi-auto pistol and a sub machine gun to blast the enemies. The game play looks stunning on the HD graphics, with the sound effects adding to the overall feel of the game. If you are not impressed with the stock outfit of Hambo Android game app, you have the option to have 20 cool costumes, including Ninja outfits or Men in Black suits, via in-app purchases.

Hambo App for Android

Surviving the enemy onslaught requires some strategizing from your side as well; aim your gun precisely on your adversaries to clear your way forward. At times, you’ll see your pig falling and it is up to you to find some strategic shooting to make sure that you get your enemies first before they get to you. And above all, try to cover your own back as Hambo might get hit from ricocheting bullets fired from your own gun. As you climb up the levels, the game gets progressively tougher and you might have to rack your brain to find the right strategy to shoot down the enemy pigs. But that is where the real fun lies. There is plenty of content packed in the 200 odd levels across five mission packs to keep you engrossed for hours. Those who might need some tutoring can make use of the interactive tutorial to learn how to play Hambo Android game.


You can’t help but notice various elements of other popular games in Hambo app for Android. However, the game feels unique in its own way as well. Hambo is challenging and fun to play. And there are plenty of levels to keep you engrossed for hours. Verdict: Suitable for those looking for a game to play alongside Angry Birds.

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