Happy Not Perfect: Mind Gym iPhone App Review

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Happy Not Perfect: Mind Gym for iPhone features over 150 mindfulness activities, such as guided breathing and shoulder relaxation exercises set to soothing music which helps to relax our minds. Stress, grief, worry, and a variety of other emotions may all be addressed through themed sessions. A seven-step mental refresh helps us to recognize our present attitude, then leads us through letting go, focusing on thankfulness, sketching a full-color doodle of a joyful location, and making an active pledge to be more compassionate the next day. To fit to our demands, choose an activity length ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. If we are having problems sleeping, use the Sleep Wind-Down (available after 7 p.m. local time) before bed to let go of our anxieties.

Relax mind with workouts

Happy Not Perfect is your go-to spot for everything we need to take for our mind in a fun new way, backed by research and customised for users. Use the Daily Happiness Workout to remain in balance, reduce stress, and discover more about ourselves. Make our own Daily Affirmation to help us stay positive. Before going to bed, we can use the Sleep Wind-Down feature to help us to relax. Also, we can choose our mood and go through an interactive mental exercise by which Let rid of your anxieties and bad ideas. Also it helps us to learn to breathe properly and our nervous system will be instantly calmed. With the guiding individuals it is easy-to-understand sessions and we can meditate in a pleasant way. Using the application we can get access to more than 500 mindfulness sessions and with Mindful Minutes (which is linked with Apple HealthKit), we can also set objectives and measure our progress.

Happy Not Perfect Mind Gym iPhone App

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To use the app, we must first log in and establish an account. Happy Not Perfect helps us to take a mental break and relax whenever we need it, with the objective of making us feel more balanced and less stressed. It’s perfect for anyone who needs a fast pick-me-up while their emotions are running high. Feeling happy is a learned skill that takes time to master. Jump into the daily Happiness Workout, a simple 8-step practice that can help us to enhance our feel-good hormones and calm our nervous system wherever we are, at any time. Happy Not Perfect subscription options include 1 month: $9.99 and 1 year: $59.99.

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