Scripts Pro Screenwriting on the Go iPhone App Review

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Scripts Pro for iPhone is the #1 selling iPhone movie script writing app which allows us to write, modify, and review scripts. It was included in Apple’s New & Noteworthy section, as well as Apple’s Top 100 iPhone and iPad Productivity Apps and movieScope Magazine’s Best Filmmaking Apps. The app was created with standard formatting and editing capabilities in mind for television and cinema screenwriters. The formatted Textm, Final Draft 8, and Celtix files may be imported, exported, and saved. Since the app is clutter-free, we won’t be continually distracted, allowing us to focus just on writing. The Tab button, simple element swapping, scene rearrangement, suggestion pop-ups, and other features are all available.

Loaded with tons of features

Everything we write is stored to the cloud and synchronised across all of your devices. We can export and import via email, iTunes Transfer, and Dropbox if we wish. For simple visual connection, attach a picture to a Script. The powerful rendering engine delivers desktop-like performance with minimal delays. Characters, Scene Headings, Transitions, and much more will be filled in automatically by Scripts Pro. When writing with Scripts Pro, we completely forget about the programme and concentrate solely on the tale. There are no crowded interfaces or complicated authoring solutions. Scripts Pro allows us to write scripts in the same way that we would in our preferred desktop programme. We’ll have access to simple features like quick element swapping, the Tab button, suggestion pop-ups, scene rearrangement, and more. Once we have loaded a script, using the amazing script editor we can alter it. On the right side of the screen, there’s a convenient sidebar with all the choices and editable information for the file. Our keyboard (which may be hidden if required) and the Tab button are located at the bottom.

Scripts Pro Screenwriting on the Go iPhone App

User friendly Application

Overall, it is a well-designed software with lots of useful compatibility features for screenwriters on the move. It is quite simple to switch between types of text input, which is essential when editing a film screenplay. This is made possible by the convenient ‘mode’ menu, which is well-designed to keep the creative juices flowing without having to worry about the app’s appearance. It is very much user friendly and has great user friendly interface. The app is priced $9.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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