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Name: Holy Rosary Iphone App


The Holy Rosary is an application developed with the objective of promoting prayers of the Holy Rosary. Its program is accompanied with a simple interface that includes mysteries for each of the week and traditional prayers. It also has the prayers of Memorable prayers, SALVE, Litany, Act of Contrition, and Preparatory.

User Interaction:

The Holy Rosary application in iPhones is the electronic form of holy rosary that allow users to pray wherever they are. It can be customized by the users by putting their own text in prayers and pictures in prayers as well.

User Interface:

The beads in the Holy Rosary application of iPhones are large enough to move easily and touch. iPhone users have the option of moving up or down the beads as they pray. Every portion of the Scripture matches the mystery that the user is praying. There is a small picture that reminds the users visually on the Mystery they are currently praying on.

Here is a list of the features of Holy Rosary application in iPhones that users can use as guide on their interface:

  • Every Mystery has a picture that will help the users to adjust on the events of the Mystery.
  • A Scripture from the Catholic Bible is displayed for every Mystery to guide the users on the meditation of the life of Jesus.
  • There are three different display styles that the users can choose to pray the Holy Rosary. It is named as Style1, Style2, and Style3.
  • Users can easily track their bead count where the current bead is highlighted while the bead progress is marked.
  • The application provide two ways of bead count, the first one through moving beads and the second one is by moving the arrows.
  • The bead colors are changeable.
  • The interface of the application is especially designed for close-eyed praying.
  • The application recommends the Mystery that should be prayed for the day.
  • It reminds where you have left off from the last time that you prayed the Holy Rosary.
  • The Mysteries can be viewed by day.
  • It has a distinct or vibrant sound on the tenth Hail Mary.
  • It turns on or off for the Luminous Mysteries.
  • It uses standard prayers that are used in Vatican website. The prayers are available in different languages of English, Spanish, Latin, Italian, and French.
  • It contains images that explain how to use all different settings of the application.

Utility and Productivity:

The Holy Rosary application is compatible with iPhone that has a software update of OS version 2.0 or later. The text of the prayers in this application can be customized by putting the users’ own text prayer or language. The picture of each prayer can also be customized by putting a picture from the camera role or from the photo library of the iPhone. The variable text size can be chosen by the users from 15 to 30 font size.


(9.0 out of 10) Through the Holy Rosary application in iPhones, people will be reminded to pray the Holy Rosary everyday. It is a great tool for those Christians out there who are iPhone users.


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