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Name: WordBook

TranCreative Software (WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus)





The WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus application in iPhone is a TranCreative software that is the most downloaded commercial English dictionary from the App Store of iTunes. It is rich, simple, and quick and most of all it is well-loved by thousands of iPhone users. This application comes from the developers of the Wordbook for Smartphones. In 2007, the application was recognized as the winner of the Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine’s Best Dictionary Software Award.



User Interaction:


With the WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus application in iPhone, users can be able to get immediate resource for word meanings or definition, synonyms, origins, and pronunciation. It is a tool that is useful for everyday lives of people who are in-depth with words enhancements.



User Interface:


The WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus application in iPhone has many various features for user interface. These features include the following:

  • It contains 150,000 word entries with more than 70,000 examples, 330,000 word links, and 220,000 definitions. The entire content of the application is equivalent to a book of 1,800 pages.
  • It contains 120,000 guides for pronunciation in International Phonetic Alphabet or the IPA.
  • It contains etymologies or word origins for 23,000 root words.
  • It has built-in the word links and thesaurus that are connected to hundreds of words together.
  • It has a feature of “Words of the Day” where users can get to learn new words every day and also shake the mobile device with random words for more fun.
  • It has a powerful alphabetical index, sounds-like word searches, anagram, wild card, and partial-match.
  • It has history lists and fully editable favorites with email and sorting export.
  • It has a browser-like definition content navigation that has the ability to tap on any word in the content to search for its definition.
  • It has a solver for anagram and crossword.
  • It can accommodate up to five customized web dictionaries to supplement the built-in contents of the application.


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Utility and Productivity:


The WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus application in iPhone does not require any Internet connection to be able to run. The text sizes in this application as well as other preferences can be customized in the settings of iPhone. The application is greatly compatible with iPhone but requires iPhone 2.0 software update.


Updates are always free for all existing customers of the application. The text sizes, profanity filter, and spell check settings can be changed in iPhone settings.



(9.0) The WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus application in iPhone is one excellent application that does exceptionally well for iPhone users. Its great combination of price, fast and simple interface, dictionary size, and linked words act as a decent dictionary and thesaurus for iPhone users. It is not only a comprehensive and well-designed thesaurus and dictionary application but also a good word finder as well. It is definitely worth the money for download. WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus is one application that you have been looking for with an inexpensive option, nearly perfect interface, excellent features, and great content.

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