HopStop App for iPhone Review

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HopStop app for iPhone is a great travel application to own; it gives detailed public transit, walking, taxi, and biking directions in dozens of cities throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. So whether you take a cab, or prefer a bus, whether you opt to walk, the app could take you wherever you wish to go and how you want to get there. HopStop iPhone app can be downloaded free of cost from iTunes App Store.

How HopStop iPhone App Works?

HopStop app for iPhone is customized for 62 cities as of today. Most of these cities never sleep, so does your HopStop app. To start with, enter your current location, or let the app find it using iPhone’s inbuilt GPS facility. Similarly, enter your designation, and the app will provide concise directions on how you can get there. Also, it will give information as to how much it will cost to get there, time taken, and contact info of transportation providers whom you might need enroute. In order to call any provider, just tap on the number. In fact, you can even view wheelchair accessible and stroller friendly routes.

HopStop app for iPhone

The interesting part of iPhone HopStop app is that you have options wherein you may specify how you are planning to take the trip. I.e. whether you plan to travel by bus/car or you want subway only or you prefer walking or cycling to your destination or a mix of all these means. If you prefer walking, there is an option wherein you can choose between ‘more walking’ and ‘less walking’, and the app will get you the directions results accordingly. Apart from directions, HopStop application also provides info such as transit map, street map, and an option to save your trips.

The app provides real time access to newly added cities. In other words, you don’t have to keep downloading new versions of the app. It happens automatically. Last but not the least, HopStop has an uncluttered and easy to read user interface.

Final Thoughts

HopStop app for iPhone comes handy, if you use public transportation a lot while traveling. It helps you to get around public transit systems in big cities such as NY and London easily, saving much time and money in the process. You can save your current and favorite routes means you don’t get lost on your way back. Verdict: An indispensable app for iPhone for travelers.

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