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Scan Pages app for iPhone virtually turns your smartphone into a pocket scanner. Using this app, you could turn captured images into PDF documents. Executives and managers might find this app quite useful as they deal with lots of documents every day. Scan Pages iPhone app can be downloaded for free from iTunes.

How Scan Pages iPhone App Works?

Scan Pages app makes use of your iPhone’s camera to scan documents, forms, whiteboards, magazines, signs, product labels etc. The app’s advance image processing technology organizes and cleans your mobile images and lets you combine them in a PDF file and store in Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox or share it with your peers via E-mail. And you could do this without even registering your app anywhere.

Using Scan Pages iPhone application, you can annotate and organize mobile images, make PDF from multiple images, and combine multiple images before sharing it via email, Google Docs, Evernote, or DropBox.

Scan Pages App for iPhone

In order to add pages using iPhone Scan Pages app, press the lens button to click a picture of the object you want to be scanned. Now select the document borders by moving the yellow dots as required, and tap on the “clean-up” button to make the document image appear as if it had come out of a real document scanner. At this point, you just can’t but praise the effectiveness of the app’s underlying image processing technology for making this possible without any apparent glitch. If you wish, you can add notes, click ‘done’ to finish, and tap on ‘share’ to share the doc via multiple means. Further, you have the option to pick one or more page images at a time to share.

You cannot control or change the clean up parameters of Scan Pages application. But that should not be a worry as the app delivers near perfect results all the time.

The user interface is clean and well laid out. You won’t have any trouble finding your docs anytime.

Final Thoughts

Scan Pages app for iPhone from Ricoh Innovations, Inc. outperforms its competition in terms of its utility, performance, and efficiency. In fact, it is surprising that the app comes free of cost, given the many features it comes packed with. The app certainly empowers one to ditch their office scanners, if it is a matter of scanning scan 1-2 pages of document, which can now be accomplished from the desk itself, from your iPhone. Verdict: A must have if your job profile demands lots of scanned docs.

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