Jane’s Hotel Game App for Android Review

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Jane’s Hotel app for Android is a casual strategy game marked by rapid-fire realtime game play. Here, you help Jane to make her dream come true by helping her build a five star hotel. Jane’s Hotel Android game app costs $2.99 in the Market.

The Gameplay

In Android Jane’s Hotel game application, you start out by running a 2-star hotel with few rooms at the outskirts of the town, and slowly work your way up by upgrading the facility and earning excellent reputation by satisfying customer expectations. When your hotel gets as five-star rating (having seven rooms), you win. The game is played in a number of stages, with 10 stages in four different levels.

In each stage, guests come to your hotel, and you’re supposed to find a room for them and take care of their needs. Tap on various part of the screen to bring coffee, newspaper, drinks, or whatever you want to give to your guests. There is also a housekeeper to help you out. In the game, speed is the key. How quickly you satisfy your guests, the more money you earn. Each day you’ll have a cash target, which if you achieve, you’ll have enough money to purchase new items for the hotel, including things that your guests might ask for during their stay.

Jane’s Hotel Game App for Android

Jane’s Hotel game gets hectic as you advance to the later stages. For example, Jane and housekeeper will have half a dozen task to do, and as many as seven guests going out at once is not going to help matters either. You need to clean the rooms before they are ready to welcome fresh guests. You have to be very quick, if to manage all the tasks and meet your goal. And mind you, this is not that easy. You’ll fail many times before you might eventually reach the objective.

The graphics is good; but at the same time, there are few blemishes that could affect the game play. For example, there are times when you won’t be able to see clearly what Jain is holding in her hand, making it hard for you to finish the actions. The sound effects are Ok to say the least.


Jane’s Hotel app for Android is certainly engrossing. It keeps you glued to the screen for minutes on end, if not hours. The game is not without glitches. But that should not affect the game play. For those looking for a tougher time management type of game would definitely feel at home with Jane’s Hotel.

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