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There are lots of slashing and chopping games available in iTunes. But iSlash app for iPhone stands out in the way it keeps you engaged, even though the game play and rules are quite simple to grasp. iSlash iPhone app is a quick reaction game wherein you attempt to chop away at shapes on your iPhone screen, in an attempt to reduce it to a certain % of its original size. However, it is not about chopping away at will. While doing so, you have to avoid the moving ninja stars that have to be kept together always. If your finger touches the stars, it is the end of the game. iPhone iSlash game app comes with a price tag of $0.99.

How to play iSlash Game App?

In iSlash game app for iPhone, you chop away a shaped block with the intent to reduce its size. On top of the iPhone screen is a bamboo stick with a red tie attached to it. As you chop away at the shape, the length of the bamboo stick reduces, and you have to keep on chopping until the red tie is reached. But as you are supposed to keep an eye on the moving ninja stars, chopping won’t come that easy as it appears. It limits where you can cut on the shape at a given time. If you happen to cut down the stars, the level restarts immediately.

iSlash App for iPhone

Slashing is easy; just swipe your finger on the screen to enter and exit the shape, without slashing the stars. The game continues until the required % of the shape is slashed. The game has about 140 puzzles to solve. So, that is lots of challenges to keep you engaged whenever you feel bored in your work.

From iSlash app, you can connect to Game Centre and OpenFeint. You’ll have access to leader boards, and compete with other players online: another reason why you won’t mind having iSlash in your iPhone.

The graphics part of iSlash Game application is good, so is the overall quality aspect of the game. The user interface is very well laid out. The game play is also noticeably good, as the game changes subtly as the player moves up the levels to keep their interest up.

Final Thoughts

iSlash app for iPhone has in it what is required to keep you interested throughout the game play. It is simple, intuitive, and engaging all at once. You won’t regret to have bought this game for your iPhone; highly recommended.

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