Build-a-lot App for Android Review

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Build-a-lot app for Android is a casual strategy game based on real estate theme. In the game, you build, buy, and sell houses, and therein send the real estate market over the roof. But it is not about houses alone. You slowly make your way into commercial properties such as ice rinks, cinemas and fire stations. In short, the objective is to build your way up to becoming a real estate mogul. Build-a-lot Android Game App costs $3.99.

How Build-a-lot App is Played?

Android Build-a-lot Game app comes in two modes: Career and Casual. In the former, you are supposed to complete the goals across 35 different levels. The goals, for example, may vary from earning a certain amount of rental to owning a certain number of houses. You can upgrade each house a maximum number of three times to increase the revenue flow. On top of that, you can buy or sell houses, flip houses to raise money to hire workers, buy materials etc. It should be borne in mind that the targets need to be met within a given time limit. So you have to be quick as well.

Build-a-lot Game App for Android

In the Casual mode, on the other hand, your objective is to improve the neighborhood that you’ve unlocked in the Career mode, and earn a certain amount of money in cash total.

In order to build houses, you’ll need workers and certain amount of materials. You can hire more workers or materials by clicking on the respective tabs at the bottom of the screen. Of course, you must have enough money to hire their services or buy materials. There are also tab to check on your goals, income, and building, buying and selling houses. Tapping on each tab pops up a menu to the left of the screen, from where you can select any specific action that you want to perform. For example, to select a particular house, just tap on it once. The first three levels of Build-a-lot game app are for exclusively tutorials that will walk you through the various aspects of the game in detail.

The graphics of Build-a-lot Android application is great, so are the sound effects. The strategy and game play can’t help but remind you of Hotel Mogul. But that could happen in case of games that are based on the same theme.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Build-a-lot app for Android has enough in it to keep the players glued to the phone screen. The graphics is decent, and the game-play addictive. It is a strategic game means it will keep your brain working all the time. In short, if your pick is a casual game with a bit of strategy element thrown in, Build-a-lot just fits the bill. Try it out today itself, and see how it appeals to you.

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