Wood Bridges App for Android Review

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Wood Bridges app for Android is a funny, and at the same time, interesting puzzle game ideal to kill time. In Wood Bridges game, you are supposed to build bridges using a variety of materials. The game has 30 levels to keep you engaged. So can you bridge? Wood Bridges Game app can be downloaded from Android Market for $0.99.

The Game Play

In Wood Bridges Android Game app, you have two types of woods to make the bridges. But keep in mind that it does not hold up on its own, and the cars will crash right into the chasm below. So add supports as required to make the bridge stronger. You should know that there is only limited amount of wood for you to make the bridge. Hence it goes without saying that one has to be judicious in using the wood available.

The fewer beams you use to make the bridge, the more points you earn, provided the vehicle manages to cross the bridge successfully. Once your vehicle manage to reach the other side, go back to the home screen and click on the arrow on the leader board to start the next level.

Wood Bridges App for Android

To ensure that the bridge indeed holds up for vehicle traffic, after construction use the zoom feature to closely examine the bridge for possible flaws. If the bridge breaks, hit the ‘red x’ and draw a box around the faulty area. Use the undo button, if you need to reverse a change you’ve just made.

As you progress up the game levels, you’ll receive more materials – such as steel beams, railroad tracks, ropes etc – to make the bridge that is strong enough to handle all types of traffic including trains.

The graphics of Wood Bridges application is good, as it clearly depicts even the fine details of the construction. The sound effects add a realistic feel to everything.

Final Thoughts

Wood Bridges app for Android is an engrossing game that makes you think throughout the game play. There are few game rules, as most of the work being done inside your head. The graphics is quite pleasing as well. If you are looking for a puzzle game to help you quietly focus for some time, this one just fits the bill. If you are not convinced yet, try out the Wood Bridges free version before purchasing the licensed one.

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