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The world we live-in is always rumoured of many Legends, Myths and Tales. We either try to seek the truth or we start follow the myth and pass them on to others. Now there is iPhone application available known as “Myths and Facts” which brings the truth out. For the first time the user will be amazed and surprised to know about the facts for hundreds of myths. Myths and Facts iPhone App is developed by Dmitriy Glebenok which gives explanation for each myth or fact. The app is priced at just $0.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes website.

About this application which is divided into five sections:

1) Myths Quiz – This is a scientific and entertaining function on this application that either confirms or disproves about 21st Century’s most interesting myths. This also includes explanation for each myth. The user can test their knowledge in the quiz mode where they can answer about the myth by choosing true or false options to the myth.

2) Did you know? – In this section there is collective database of facts which are funny and interesting. There are about 10,000 such facts on this section with a friendly interface which the user can conveniently browse. The topics are well arranged in alphabetic order to find them easily.

Myths and Facts App for iPhone

3) Famous First – This section of the application will give the information on famous inventors, achievers, explorers, developers etc. Also on the first incidents and the facts, Inventions, Items and Events etc. There is huge collective database providing the information.

4) On this Day In History – This section of the application will give the knowledge of the historic event that occurred on the same date. There is collective database about 10,000 events for each month.

5) Famous Birthdays – Again provides the date-of-birth of famous people born. There is huge database and user can find the birth date of their same.

One downside of this app being reviewed frequently is about the grammar and spelling mistakes. This needs to be corrected as this app is primarily for reading.


There are many features of Myths and Facts iPhone App such as Myth encyclopedia which gives a detailed explanation on every myth. There are about 30 topics for user to choose from (Computer, Animal, Food Facts, Cars, Money, Sports, and Weather). The updates on this application are done several times in a month. The user can add the new feature and facts any time. Myths and Facts App for iPhone does not need Internet connection and can also be accessed in offline mode.

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