Fieldrunners HD Game App for Android Review

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Fieldrunners HD for Android is a high-definition version of the famous mobile tower defense game Fieldrunners. In Fieldrunners HD game app for Android, you are supposed to strategically place gun turrets to check the wave of enemies from approaching your home base. While there is combat, it is bloodless. Fieldrunners HD Android game costs $2.99.

How Fieldrunners HD App is played?

Like in other tower games, the objective in Fieldrunners HD as well is to defend your base from enemy waves. You do this by purchasing towers and strategically placing them in the playing field. The enemy waves increases as you progress. Deploy and upgrade (using the money earned via killing the enemies) as required, and you have to take care so that you don’t run out of your 20 available lives.

The success in Fieldrunners HD game application relies a lot on strategy and planning. Find out the best ways to deploy the different types of towers so as to stop the enemies. There are air based units as well that you have to defend against. To counter that, you may have to use rocket launchers and goo shooters to stop/slow down the advance, alongside choosing the right tower for the job.

Fieldrunners HD Game App for Android

Each game features 100 waves of enemies approaching your base that includes fieldrunner types to tanks, motorbikes, big grunts with guns, helicopters airships, and fighter planes. If you think the game play is a bit slow, you can fast forward the waves after establishing the towers. This is a useful feature as the games could be a tad wearisome at times due to its length. You could also zoom-in to be closer to the action.
The graphics is stupendous to say the least. Bright HD with impressive visuals takes gaming to a whole level altogether. The sound effects are also top quality, giving a real feel to the battle going on in your screen.

If there is a limitation to mention, the game features only 4 battle fields: Grasslands, Crystal Caves, Crossroads, and Drylands. More options would have been just great.


Fieldrunners HD app for Android is a tower gamers’ true delight. Graphically it beats most competition hands down. It is also quite engrossing and interesting for most parts, even though the length of game play sometimes freaks you out. The less number of battle fields is also a downer. Otherwise, Fieldrunners HD is just perfect for your HD Android gadget.

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