Hotel Mogul Game App for Android Review

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Hotel Mogul app for Android falls under ‘casual’ games category in the Android Market. In the game, the protagonist is Lynette, who has been cheated out of her family business by her husband. Your objective is to help her out repurchase her company and send her husband to jail. Hotel Mogul Android Game app costs $2.99 to download.

How Hotel Mogul Game is played out?

Android Hotel Mogul app has a total of 35 levels, over 5 setting, to complete. Each level will have its own goals that you need to complete in order to progress. These goals include building a certain number of hotels to earning money to upgrade the hotels in order to meet the income level required by that particular level. Each hotel generates a certain amount of income, and in order to enhance the earnings, you may have to buy upgrades as well as materials for the workers you hire to upgrade the hotels.

Hotel Mogul Game App for Android

Hotel Mogul game is a bit slow to begin; but it gathers momentum as you go up the levels, and soon you’ll be frantically buying, selling, fixing, improving, collecting, and demolishing real estate, and in the process earning lots of money. The game relies on real principles of real estate selling and buying. So after sometime, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something and that keeps you interested in the game.

Interestingly, Hotel Mogul also has a side-story involving Lynette-love-triangle, complete with comic-book style storyboards, plus a mini-game wherein Lynette collects scattered pictures of her cheating husband.

The graphics part is excellent to say the least. There is quite bit of details in the game, and the graphics captures it all exceptionally. It stands out if you play the game in a high resolution screen.

Final Thoughts

Hotel Mogul application is a fun casual game built for the Android platform. It keeps you entertained throughout, as you get lost in the job of building the business for Lynette. The graphics and the game play in general are topnotch. True, the learning curve exists as it will take some time to get a hang of the game. But that does not kill any excitement whatsoever. Hotel Mogul game app for Android comes with a price tag of $2.99. If you don’t wish to pay up front, try out the demo version of Hotel Mogul first to get a feel of the same.

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