Take Me Home App for Android Review

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Take Me Home app for Android is a fun physics puzzle game wherein your aim is to take a poor defenseless spore, Bubu to his home. There are many ways to reach its destination, but you’ve got obstacles and evil bugs on the way. How you manage to take Bubu home is where the thrill of the game lies. Take Me Home Android application can be downloaded from the Android Market Place.

Game Play

Tap on the screen gets Bubu on its way. Now your job is to show it the right direction. You can get the spore bounce off friendly surfaces or use the boost to make it over ledges or to go uphill. It is even possible to hitch a ride on other friends who wants to help you out.

Take Me Home App for Android

Take Me Home Android game app has four level packs, with 16 levels each. Each level has got 4 coins, and you are supposed to gather those to unlock more worlds at later stages of the game. But keep in mind that some of the levels are very tough. You may have to try different ways to complete the levels, which in a sense gives the much needed replay potential to the game. Players won’t get bored anytime during replay. You can use the coins to buy in-app tips to crack a particularly difficult level, or restart a level and start afresh.

However, one should be judicious in spending the coins. If you spent the earned coins faster, you will struggle in the later stages.

The user interface is quick and responsive. There are no in-app tutorials though. You don’t even find a settings menu anywhere, which is a bit odd. The graphics is colorful to say the least. You’ll notice the high level of accuracy, and the effects of gravity are shown quite realistically.

Final Thoughts

Take Me Home app for Android is not Angry Birds. But it has enough firepower to keep you riveted to the screen all the while you play. The game is lots of fun, and really gets your brain working as you go up the levels. Multiple options to take Bubu home means that you won’t get bored even if you play the same level again. To sum it up, Take Me Home Android app is an excellent puzzle game that forces you to scratch your brains.

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