Bunny Shooter Game App for Android Review

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With the success of Angry Birds, there has been a rush of physics puzzle games in the Android platform of late. One among them is Bunny Shooter app for Android smart-phones. In Bunny Shooter game, your aim is to shoot down bunnies that have stolen your carrots using bows and arrows, as you navigate through three bunny worlds, each with its own set of challenging levels.

How Bunny Shooter Game is Played?

While playing Bunny Shooter game, you can’t just help but not observe the similarity between the two games. In some places, the rip off is near obvious. The saying: genius steals while the talented borrows rings true here. If to point out few differences, in Bunny Shooter Android app, the thieving bunnies are sometimes protected by cages, which need to be blasted using bombs. Balloons/anvils are also thrown in a feat of minor originality, even though the glaring similarities are too large to miss your eyes.

Bunny Shooter Game App for Android

In order to succeed in Android Bunny Shooter game, you have to be cunning, thoughtful, and must have the ability to judge the trajectory of the arrows on the screen. The latter can be a lot difficult if the target is at the other end of the screen. Each level has got a number of bunnies, which you need to shoot down before you could proceed any further. The game has only 60 free levels, and you can have another 120 if you pay 63p extra.

It should be kept in mind that the number of available arrows is limited. So, more often than not, you’ll find yourself replaying the levels more than once before eventually clearing them. The difficulty increases as you advance in terms of levels, and there’ll be occasions when you may have to take a step back and think of a strategy to outwit the bunnies. And this is where the whole excitement of Bunny Shooter game lies. It is not a tear-away shooting game. It requires thoughts, skills, and judgment throughout.

Finally, the graphics is slick and responsive.


Bunny Shooter app for Android is funny time-wasting puzzle game. You’ll love it for sure, not to mention the fact that it is addictive as well. Angry Birds fans can play Bunny Shooter for a change. The skill sets required are nearly the same. Even for a first timer, it will be a really exciting intro to Physics based games. Verdict: Bunny Shooter is an addictive puzzle game you should not mind downloading into your Android device.

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