Elder Sign Omens App for iPhone Review

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Elder Sign Omens app for iPhone is an interesting game application, with a steep learning curve. It is also worth mentioning that it is rather easier to play the game and understand the rules in the process than explaining it in plain text to someone. Anyways, here is an attempt to tell the readers what Elder Sign Omens iPhone app is all about.

The Gameplay

Here is the premise: Azathoth, one of Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones, is showing signs of awakening. If it rises from its slumber that would basically be the end of the world. Your job is to choose from 16 investigators to form a team of 1 to 4 members, each with their own strength and weaknesses (for e.g. some with more stamina while some has sanity), to stop this from happening. Each investigator takes turn to explore the museum, where the action happens, attempting to overcome the many hurdles therein.

Once you enter the museum, you’ll face with a selection of missions/encounters. Each encounter is solved by conjuring a series of glyph icons by means of rolling the dice, and seeing if it matches the symbols required to defeat the nameless horror you face in the museum. If the investigator succeeds, you’ll win rewards such as equipment, clue tokens, and occasionally, the rare Elder Signs needed to seal the gateway. By using equipment or special abilities, extra dice can be won if required.

Elder Sign Omens App for iPhone

On the other hand, if the investigator fails to generate the required icons, they can try again after sacrificing a die. However this leads to a spiral of diminishing returns, if no results are obtained again. Once all dies are gone, you suffer a penalty (in the form of stamina or sanity damage), alongside accelerating the Doom Track, the time left before Azathoth awakens spelling doom to the world. The graphics is good, so are the sound effects.

On the downside, as mentioned, Elder Sign Omens game can be overwhelming at times for a beginner, but there is no tutorial or documentation to help you out if you get stuck. Video tutorial helps, but it is not comprehensive.


Elder Sign Omens app for iPhone is a game that is part strategy and part luck. In fact, it inclines towards the luck factor more; if you don’t manage to get the signs on the dice, there is little you can do. On top of the luck element, how you pick the investigator, how you keep him and his abilities alive, and pick the missions you think you can finish – the strategy – that makes or breaks the game. Verdict: A must have if you complex games is your forte, and you don’t mind spending few bucks to purchase a license.

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