Extreme Road Trip Game App for iPhone

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Extreme Road Trip was originally released as a web browser game which is now available to download for iPhone. It is a balancing game which is very simple to play. Extreme Road Trip iPhone game app became very popular among the user and went to charts in terms downloads. This is very addictive fun game which is based on physics which gives pleasure to the user. Music is extremely good from SoulEyes. Intense aerial stunts with flips and wheeling’s. There are six different cars to choose from, also each cars has different characteristics. iPhone Extreme Road Trip game application can be played on any iOS device.

How to Play Extreme Road Trip Game

On the main menu page of the game the options appear, there is guide that shows how to play the game, language setting which can be changed to player preference, adjust audio setting etc. If it is free version, which is downloaded then only one car that can be selected known as FRAT. Rest of the cars is locked and small fee needs to be paid to get the other cars. The properties of the cars differs based on its performance like cars that can do more spins or cars that are more balanced etc.

Extreme Road Trip Game App for iPhone

Start of game, the car always is on the move and needs to be driven as far as possible without crashing. The car can be balanced by tilting the phone according to the movement and can do wheelie on each set of tyres by tilting the iPhone. When the car goes over a jump, need spin and perform stunts which would build nitro bar. This allows the car to go more faster on the next jump even higher to perform stunts. While performing the spins need to be careful not to crash. If the car lands on its wheel on jump the player gets an extra boost to car which will help the player in covering more distance. There are two buttons on the screen which helps the players to perform the spins in the air.


The goal for player is to cover maximum distance as possible. There is only limited amount of petrol in tank and once it runs out, the game is over. The players achievement is ranked with distance covered. Extreme Road Trip app for iPhone is a very simple game and the player can get the hang of the game with no-time at all.

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