Penultimate App for iPhone Review

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Penultimate app for iPhone is a quick, touch based notes taking tool that allows creating multiple notebooks with limitless pages. An emphasis is placed on your input rather than its customizability. Developers Cocoa Box aim to bridge the gap with Penultimate, the touch based notes application.

Features of Penultimate iPhone App

  • It has an amazing ink and paper.
  • It keeps all thoughts in separate, together.
  • It has got very serious software.
  • It sends single page images or full notebooks in PDF format to anyone.


The Penultimate iPhone app is essential, easy to use and beautiful. It stands with core productivity and every detail of the user interface has been designed and refined to be simple and intuitive and so no complicated or cluttered settings. When you first open your Penultimate you will find a welcome notebook that will walk you through all of the major features. You can scribble and whizz through your pages and notebooks in no time. The handwriting and drawing looks spectacular in bold gel ink. Three different photo realistic paper styles are included along with a magically effective eraser tool that is always the right size. Visit the paper Shop in the app to see the latest convenient collections available for download. Penultimate app for iPhone can manage as many notebooks as you can create, each with infinite number of pages.

Penultimate App for iPhone

You can browse quickly through all pages or insert, delete, duplicate and reorder them. Penultimate is a powerful application. It has a superior inking technology that produces pen strokes that you might think look better than real. iPhone Penultimate application also features undo/redo buttons, as well as a handy wrist protection feature to ensure that your wrists aren’t mistaken for finger tips. It is as simple as it sounds to use, focusing on drawing and design rather than customization and options.


Some minor flaws include the option to have tools at the top or bottom of the page and we have to scroll every time you want to change tools or the options within the pen tool. In addition to this notebooks can be exported via email in PDF format, but cannot be imported.

Penultimate app for iPhone is great for those who are interested in getting things down quickly and plainly. Nevertheless, Penultimate is easy to use and looks great. It is fast and simple.

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