Great Little War Game App for Android Review

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Great Little War Game from Rubicon Development is a turn-base strategy game promising intuitive game play throughout. The game has many environments, multiplayer capability, and openFeint achievements, making GLWG a fun game that you’ll want to play again. Great Little War Game app for Android comes at a price tag of $0.99 at the Android Market.

The Game

In one sentence, your aim in Great Little War Game Android app is to pound your opponent into dust using any available method. You have a wide range of units at your disposal such as grunts, snipers, tanks etc. But it should be kept in mind that each unit has its own strengths/weaknesses that you must understand if to succeed. The graphics is good enough, so are the sound effects.

As mentioned, Great Little War Game requires strategizing your moves. For example, units on higher grounds have distinct advantage in terms of accuracy and range. Having units of some strength is an advantage, provided you know how to deploy them to negate a given situation. Further, on the way, you’ll encounter obstacles, and sometimes have to withstand enemy assault for days on end. Changing circumstances and landscape add the much needed variety and excitement to the game.

Great Little War Game App for Android

As you work your way forward, you’ll unlock new units and see an enhancement in your own forces through a well-executed promotion system. While playing Android Great Little War Game application, you can’t help but appreciate the ingrained humor; the way the game seeks to poke fun at the art of warmongering. During the fight, your soldiers let out all kinds of shouts/commands and this adds a light hearted feel, notwithstanding the onscreen bloody carnage.


Great Little War Game app for Android is an exciting turn-based strategy war game with multiplayer pass-and-play mode, and lots of variety. You won’t get bored after playing Great Little War Game for few rounds for sure. On the downside, there are not tutorial for you to learn the game in one-go. There are occasional popup to guide you through the game; but most times, they are not helpful enough. But then, it is war. You have to find your way through the toughest of circumstances and environments. Verdict: A good war game to have in your Android device.

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