SpinTrip App for iPhone Review

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SpinTrip app for iPhone is a simple yet funny 2D platform game from ClickGamer, wherein you hop inside a wheel, and then you roll, fly, jump or float it to the end of the level. On the way, there will be things to collect and enemies to dodge, which makes the game a lot interesting. SpinTrip iPhone app comes at a price tag of $0.99.

The SpinTrip Game

In the intro, an old woman explains to you that five magical shims were stolen by giants, and now ‘Tisu’ should use his chib wheel to collect chibs and find a shimloon portal to rescue them. Well, that explains your mission. However, there is nothing to scratch your brain for as SpinTrip iPhone app is a very simple game.

SpinTrip App for iPhone

To start with the SpinTrip game app for iPhone, you chose amongst Noss (boy) or Lillme (girl) to stand inside the wheel. Apart from the cosmetic difference, choosing a character does not make any difference whatsoever. Using the left, right and jump button on the screen, you can let the wheel gain speed and roll over hilly terrains, platforms and caves, bouncing off leaf-trampolines, and pocketing points from stars, snowflakes, and kidney beans.

Within levels, you can collect colorful characters called ‘chibs’. Once you have a chib in your wheel with you, you’ll gain its magical abilities. For e.g., swim’ chib makes the wheel buoyant, while ‘spit’ chibs spit seeds at your enemies, and ‘leap’ chibs make your wheel jump higher. Specific magical abilities are required to surmount some obstacles; so you may have to backtrack and search out the required chib before moving any further. Eight icons at the top of the screen show the different types of chibs. You can only choose one chib at a time. The main action button at the bottom triggers whichever ability is selected at the top.

However, each special ability may be used only for limited times. So activate them carefully. If you ever happen to run out of chibs and their abilities, and stuck somewhere, search for chibs or restart from the last milestone on the level. Finally, the world map shows 16 levels that you can unlock sequentially. However, it does not show an overview of your three star ratings.

On the downside, the sound effects are not so great. Also, there are some innocuous bugs, such as lack of scroll to go up the chib index in the main menu.


SpinTrip app for iPhone is a great time pass. It is not too-brainy either. So people of all ages is going to love SpinTrip game.

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