Yearly App for iPhone Review

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Yearly helps you to remember annual (or yearly) events such as birthdays and anniversaries. The app, instead of relying on iPhone’s native calendar app, uses the data associated with the contacts in your address book. Yearly iPhone app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store for $0.99/year.

How Yearly iPhone App Works?

Before delving into the feature of iPhone Yearly app, it is worth mentioning that the app got one of the beautiful user interfaces. The visuals are just pixel perfect, like the MoneyBook and ListBook apps from the same developer.

On the main screen, the events will be displayed in the chronological order. That is, you’ll see the name of the person (with photo if there is any), date, type of event, and the number of days remains until the said date. If you swipe on any entry, you’ll get three options: SMS, email and call. You can choose any one of these options to send a quick message across. Further, tapping on an entry takes you to the Detail screen, wherein you can view information (or you can enter these info when you create/edit a contact in Yearly) such as the name, photo, how long you’ve been together or how old they will be, zodiac sign, event type, and all other contact information. There is also Notes filed where you can enter other information related to the person such as his/her hobbies, dress size etc.

Yearly App for iPhone

Another notable feature of Yearly iPhone application is the option to have push notifications (up to 14 days before the D-day). On the downside, you can’t select individual contacts to have push notifications. It is all or none. Another downside is that you can’t create an event (or delete duplicates) from within the Yearly app.

The Gestures options permit you to customize the phone numbers/addresses that you wish to prioritize for shortcut feature. Further, by swiping left to right anywhere on the screen takes you back to the previous screen, which seems to be a very handy feature.


Yearly app for iPhone is a very useful application. But its biggest downside is that the app relies solely on the address book for data. If it had used calendar information, it would have been much more effective on any given day. The all-or-nothing take on notifications is also a downer. Flaws apart, Yearly is an impressive iPhone app that is worth its price tag. Hopefully, its shortcomings will be ironed out in the later versions.

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