Riptide GP App for iPhone Review

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Riptide GP is an exciting watercraft racing game where you get to race in futuristic courses. The game is complete with all kinds of stunts to make it all an interesting experience to the players. The game makes use of realistic water physics, and highly detailed graphics that looks great in motion. In Riptide GP app for iPhone, there are 12 different raceways, and six jet skis to unlock. Further, there are five different grand prix, and three different difficulty levels, which in fact form the heart of the game. Riptide GP iPhone app costs $2.99.

How Riptide GP iPhone Game App works

Riptide GP game app looks impressive on newer devices – such as iPhone 4S and iPad 2 – rather than the original iPad because the waves move/change in real time in newer devices whereas it is flat and unexciting in older gadgets. And for an avid gamer, it will certainly look like a mash up of Wave Race 64 and Wipeout.

The graphics is impressive (if you got an equally potent screen); the waves look realistic and the courses innovative. The sound is pumping electronic music while you can’t miss the gleaming lights shining from all direction.

Riptide GP App for iPhone

Your primary control is tilting the screen. The acceleration is automatic, even though you can do it manually as well. The auto-acceleration feature helps you to free your thumb to perform some tricks to refill your boost meter. Riptide GP iPhone game got six tracks (and six more when they’re reversed), and you can compete in one of three different speeds: 250cc, 500cc, and 1000cc. If to warn you, the first one is dull. But for beginners, it helps to get used to the racing, the tracks, and the maneuvers. Once you settle in, you won’t do 250cc most likely. And you can’t miss the arcade-style game experience with Riptide GP, wherein you will feel both fast as well as out of control at times.

The main downside with Riptide GP app for iPhone is the lack of action. There are only five other racers on the screen at any given time. Most times, you’ll have only one racer on the screen, and that kills the excitement a lot.


Riptide GP app for iPhone is entertaining. But avid gamers will also feel that it has come short in terms of execution. The small number of vehicles/tracks and lack of any sense of progression dents the excitement much as one plays it for some time. Verdict: A bit costly for the game experience it offers.

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