Cut the Rope App for Android Review

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Cut the Rope app for Android is an interesting physics based puzzle game with intuitive controls, suitable for people of virtually all age groups. Cut the Rope game app involves you cutting off ropes that hold candy for the central character of the game, and don’t forget to collect stars and break bubbles on the way. And of course, there’ll be obstacles/enemies to be negotiated all the time. Cut the Rope is available for free from Android Market.

How Cut the Rope App Works?

Cut the Rope is a strategic game, wherein your objective is to feed the cute little monster Om Nom the candy dangling from a rope above. And you may have to collect the three stars (for each level) in the fastest time possible to pocket bonus points. In order to cut the ropes, just slide your finger across the screen to meet the rope. The candy starts in one corner of the screen, and Om Nom in another corner down, waiting for the candy. Ultimately, your job is to drop, swing, float or move the candy to its mouth.

Cut the Rope App for Android

As you go up the levels, the above-said job gradually gets tougher with new obstacles coming on the way between you and Om Nom. There’ll be spikes, spiders, magic hats etc, each of which affects the candy in a different way. For example, the spikes destroy the candy, while magic hat takes the candy to another part of the screen. You need to get beyond all these difficulties to take the candy to Om Nom.

If there is an apparent downside, Android Cut the Rope game app does not support multi-touch. At higher levels, sometimes, you might be required to act swiftly, such as using a few whoppee-cushions to push the candy into a bubble, to pop it and drop it into Om Nom’s mouth, which would been easier to do had you had your both hands on the screen. But then letting you use both of your hands would have killed the excitement significantly.


Cut the Rope app for Android is about concentration and strategy, a combination that makes the application suitable for people of all ages. But as it was found, Cut the Rope game is resource-heavy to some extent that it might crash your device at times. For that reason, it might slip a bit in reviews. But it is certainly worth the risk.

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