Quota App for Android Review

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Quota app for Android is a handy application that checks your usage of your mobile account, including data/call usage, alongside usage on other items such as ISP/broadband accounts, toll accounts, currency prices, stock values, and loyalty cards, and presents it to the user in an easy-to-read single user interface. For the user, he/she need to look at a single screen to get hold of all these information. Quota Android app can be downloaded for $2.75 per license.

How Quota Android app Works?

Downloading and installing Quota App for Android is quite easy. The user interface is slick, while accessing the various menu items is one of the easiest of exercises even for a first time user. You can use two ways to view your usage: using either of the widgets – the one showing progress bars or the one that provides a textual representation of your usage – or opening the app itself and viewing the usage details of all your added accounts in one place. In order to add individual accounts (for example, your Vodafone postpay account), tap ‘+’ on top of the screen, before choosing your desired provider and keying-in the vital details such as the start and end dates of the billing cycle, username, password, and mobile no. before the app could provide you with the information you want to see.

Quota App for Android

In order to change a provider, tap ‘i’ on the screen, and select another. Powered by QuotaXML, the app has access to 100’s providers worldwide. Further, user created providers is supported via the free developer’s kit.


Quota Android application brings together data/numbers from your various in one place for easy viewing. It is easy to set up, have a slick interface, and is pretty accurate most of the times. If your provider is not on the list, you can add that without much fuss. Overall, Quota app for Android is a must have application in your Android device, if you have trouble remembering and keeping track of all these numbers.

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