Hovernote App for Android Review

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Hovernote app for Android is a floating notes application that will hover over whatever app you have on your phone screen. For students who got to switch between their Facebook page and taking lecture notes will find this app quite a handy tool. You’ll be amazed as to how seamless the workflow jumps between different tasks on the screen. You can get Hovernote Android app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.

Hovernote App Features

Hovernote app for Android is a floating notepad app that lets you write text notes on top of other apps without having to switch out of them. It is multitasking at its best. You can have a note open while using your browser, messaging app, pdf viewer, or any other app for that matter. The app is also tightly integrated with the popular sharing options in Android such as Gmail, Evernote, Google Drive, and virtually anything that shows up in your phone’s sharing menu. The auto-save option keeps track of all of the notes you write in the Recent Notes list. You can select and edit text using edit toolbar. Hovernote app also let you have any number of notes open simultaneously, even though doing so might actually clutter up the screen space.

Hovernote App for Android

On the flip side, Android Hovernote app seems to have some compatibility issues with some apps, such as Netflix for example. Such small glitches could be more of a software issue that the developers themselves could solve in the upcoming versions of the app. Also, a single step close process would have been more straightforward even though we have no qualms on doing it in two steps as it is now. Hovernote is designed to work with Android OS versions 2.2 and up.

Final Thoughts

In a scenario where one has to launch a full screen app on a 4’ screen to jolt down four letters, Hovernote app for Android is clearly godsend. It helps you note down things, thanks to its floating window concept, even when you’re doing something else on your Android device. The best part is that the app let you open any number of notes simultaneously. Save few compatibility issues with certain apps, Hovernote performs reasonably well and is also pretty stable. Verdict: A wholesome note taking app that you’ll come to love.

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