Bug Wings App for iPhone Review

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If you love catapult games, you might like Bug Wings app for iPhone as well. Here, you launch colorful ladybugs on to lily pads and flowers while avoiding wet stuff. Of course, you’re supposed to collect points on the way as you might need them to unlock more challenging levels. You can get Bug Wings for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

Bug Wings App Features

In Bug Wings app for iPhone, you help your ladybug find the missing pollen and land safely on the lily pad. You got to control the strength of the launch so that the bug safely reaches its target. You also got to adjust the direction of the leaf catapult; as soon as you pick the sweet spot, send the bug flying. Once the ladybug is airborne, you can open its wings, and tilt the bug in all possible directions to aid its flight. Ride the wind to its advantage in order to land safely on the lily pad you were aiming at.

iPhone Bug Wings Games app is notable for its easy-to-pickup game play. Its controls are simple and intuitive whereas the colorful graphics and sound effects add to game’s overall charm. As mentioned, the game play is challenging. You got to be an expert flyer to collect all the pollen nubs and floating stars in each level. Hence the best you could do is to collect as much as possible. Even when you move ahead and unlock new levels and bonuses, you can still return to previous levels to try and beat your high scores.

Bug Wings App for iPhone

Bug Wings iPhone app also supports multiplayer mode -; the ‘party mode’ can have as many as 4 players competing for the best scores. At present, the app supports 30 exciting levels across 5 unique Ponds. Bug Wings is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5 running iOS versions 3.0 or later.

Final Thoughts

Bug Wings app for iPhone is a challenging yet fun filled catapult game. The game play is smooth, thanks to its intuitive controls. Multiplayer mode and over 30 exciting levels make it a wholesome package. Verdict: Recommended for those who love playing gripping catapult/target games in their iPhones.

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