Andmade Share Pro App for Android Review

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Andmade Share Pro app replaces Android’s stock share menu with a more functional and user friendly one. One of its features that would come handy to most users is the one that let you share same content across multiple platforms. Those who’ve got bored with the stock feature may also give it a try. You can get Andmade Share Pro Android app for $2.00 from Google Play Store.

Andmade Share Pro App Features

Andmade Share Pro app for Android brings in more flexibility to the ‘share’ menu. Since more and more people are now spread across multiple social networks, such an app that provides an easy option to share the same contents across multiple services does makes some serious sense indeed. The app basically adds secondary options to your share menu, and the result is quite apparent readily. Here is how the app works: Once you’ve set Andmade Share Pro as the default share application, it’ll take you right to the options. The user will be presented with a list of services that you can share your content with. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, to name some of them. You can drag/drop the services in the order you wish it to appear. Also, you can hide the services you don’t want to use.

Andmade Share Pro App for Android

Further, you can group multiple applications together in a single click. Also, the app offers online support. That means, if you attempt to share anything without an internet connection, the contents will go to a queue until your phone eventually goes online next time. The copy to clipboard option turns out to be useful for apps that do not support sharing. You also got an option to share content only via WiFi. This will come handy to those who got limited data plans in their phones. Andmade Share Pro Android app is compatible with Android OS versions 2.1 and up.


Andmade Share Pro app for Android is amazing as an alternative share app for Android. You might wonder why Google itself did not implement some of its features. Offline support is one standout feature of this app. Those who share content frequently will undoubtedly find Andmade Share Pro for Android quite useful. Verdict: Try it out if you got tired of Android’s stock offering.

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