DeskNotifier Pro App for Android Review

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Have difficulty in tracking multiple notifications popping up on your Android device while at work? Try out DeskNotifier Pro app for Android. It pushes all your notifications on your Android phone to your desktop. This app comes handy for those who can’t afford to check their phones while at work. You can get DeskNotifier Pro Android app for $1.30.

DeskNotifier Pro App Features

Even those who rely on technology to remain productive, having a desktop that you work on and a mobile device that you use to stay updated, and to follow them both simultaneously can be a lot frustrating at times. DeskNotifier Pro app for Android seems to solve this dilemma by providing an unobtrusive window on your desktop that displays notifications from your Android phone as soon as you receive them. It basically frees you from having to check your phone frequently.

The notification appears in a beautiful square and gives you a preview of the notification, much like how it is displayed on your Android phone. Further, you can choose which notifications you want to display and which ones to avoid. Using the app, you can also wirelessly connect to your PC from your phone without using your IP address. Once you’re connected, you can transfer any type of file between the PC and your phone. The said connection can be secured using a password if required. You can also send web pages from your phone to your desktop so that you can view it in a wide screen setting.

DeskNotifier Pro App for Android

On the downside, the app works only with Windows PCs. Mac and Linux machines are virtually out of its realm. Some communication issues between Android devices and desktops are also reported from some corners. Even though such instances might be rare and few, it can be frustrating when it does happen. DeskNotifier Pro application is compatible with Android OS versions 1.6 and up.


DeskNotifier Pro app for Android brings your Android notifications to your desktop that you don’t have to check your phone frequently for important notifications. The beautiful square in which the notifications pop up looks good. In fact, this notification feature is DeskNotifier Pro’s standout feature as Google itself provides some of its advertised additional features. For example, Google Drive let you wirelessly transfer files between your PC and Android phone. However, the app provides a rather convenient service and most people will like it for that. Verdict: Try DeskNotifier Pro app if you have trouble following Android notifications in your phone while at work.

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