iSlick App for iPhone Review

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iSlick app for iPhone is a aggregator that brings together all the deals related info on that website at your fingertips. If you’re out for weekend shopping, this app could get you the best available deals for electronics products, info on the latest cloth sales, and of course the best prices. iSlick iPhone app can be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App Store. The app also got a free of cost lite version.

iSlick App Features

iSlick app for iPhone is all about deals and best prices. It helps you save and gives you ideas at the same time. It shows you the most recent deals in electronics, clothing, gifts, HDTVs, blue-ray movies, games, groceries, and home essentials, to name some of them. The app also got a social angle to it; you can vote for deals and see what other people liked. You can follow friends and get followers that share your deal taste. This will come handy as you can discover new things and get your shopping inspiration from slick shoppers with similar interests. The app also let you sort deals by ‘likes’ it had received.

iSlick App for iPhone

iPhone iSlick app will notify you about new deals as soon as new deals appear (based on your keyword/forum selection). You got a ‘passbook’ wherein you can add coupons and sale events; since everything is stored in one place, it gives you quick access whenever needed. Its killer feature is the ‘Top Trending Deals’: see what other people think are the best deals right now. Thumbs up or down the deals you feel strongly about and your opinion on deals will help the good deals to come to the top. You’ll also earn points for your input. People may follow you if they find your deal selection interesting. You can also add your own deals and contribute to the community. The app also let you show/hide expired deals. Threshold deals by min thumbs-up score is another standout feature of the app.

The user interface is easy to use for most parts. You’ll need only the minimum of touches to switch categories. iSlick iPhone application is compatible with iOS versions 5.0 or higher.


iSlick app for iPhone help you pick the best deals and prices for various products when you’re out shopping. You can find deals by category, or just follow the latest trending deals. Other users might ‘like’ certain deals means you can also filter deals based on maximum likes received. The passbook feature comes handy. To sum it up, a handy app that’ll assist you in your weekend shopping trips.

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