callR ID Identify Callers App for Android Review

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Are you often annoyed with anonymous numbers flashing on your Android screen? If so, perhaps it’s high time you should have tried out callR ID – Identify Callers App for Android. This little app will unveil the anonymity of such spam callers by displaying his/her full information for you. You can get callR ID Android app for $4.99 from Google Play Store.

callR ID App Features

callR ID app for Android is a great utility to identify spammers as well as your friends whom you might have not added to your address book yet. The app automatically identifies incoming callers and, if available, displays the name, address and city of the caller as the phone rings. So, you can easily make out if the caller is someone from your friends circle or not. callR ID grabs the caller information by performing an automatic reverse lookup of the number called. It should be noted that the app provides delayed reverse lookup in case you’ve missed the incoming call due to some reason. This comes handy for CDMA users mainly. If you know the caller, you can add the contact to your address book in one click.

callR ID App for Android

Android callR ID Identify Callers app also let you perform direct search of business/people; you simply input the name/city of the business or person you are looking for and you will get the extended information on the screen. Further, the app let you have a favorite callers list with extended caller-id info, comes with extended caller-id phone log, and supports manual reverse lookup. callR ID for Android also let you share contact info on SNS such has Facebook and Twitter, as well as via email and SMS.

One downside with callR ID app is that it is not a universal application. It is currently available in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea (Business only), Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, and Denmark. The app is compatible with Android OS versions 1.5 and up.


callR ID app for Android does a good job in looking up incoming anonymous numbers and unveiling the caller identity behind it. Issuing location with map means you’ll know from where exactly the call originated. The app also comes handy in zeroing-in on services or businesses, thanks to its direct search by name/number feature. Delayed reverse lookup helps in unveiling anonymous calls that you’ve missed. To sum it up, a handy caller-id reverse lookup application that is worth trying out.

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